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Saturday, October 13

1:00pm PDT

Shorts Program 1

Heads Up   (USA)
Director: Alex Merkin
Runtime: 13 mins
Heads Up' is an edgy, comedic story of two long time friends, partners in crime, and somewhat surrogate siblings who love each other to death. When suspicions of trust and loyalty arise at the weekly poker game the situation erupts in an extreme way - because nobody fights like siblings do!

The Chronicler   (Hungary)
Director: Krisztian Koves 
Runtime: 24 mins 
Almos is a member of the secret Chronicler Order dating back to Egyptian times. They are the chosen ones who record the true history of mankind in a rather unconventional way. For thousands of years they have been born without eyes, yet they are capable of seeing people’s memories via touch. . Through this ability, they can access information that the writers of history and the consumers of directed news cannot: the TRUTH. Despite his young age and polite manner, he is cynical and despondent. Then one day, an injured female felon stumbles into his shop. Soon thereafter, an Envoy of the Order, Kaleb, also turns up. This is the first time in years that the Order has made any form of contact with Álmos. He is given an assignment.

Blue Hole   (USA)
Director: Erik Gardner
Runtime: 12 mins
Michael takes his fiancee Amy deep within the Pine Barrens of New Jersey to a vacation cabin where he plans to propose. Upon arriving, they're attacked by a madman who claims an eerie pond near the cabin called 'Blue Hole' can bring back the dead. Reality mixes with illusion as we try to figure out if Blue Hole is real or if our madman is truly insane. Inspired by a true story and a real place in New Jersey.

Marked   (USA)
Director: Rockmund Dunbar
Runtime: 12  mins
Marked is a film about the  forces of good and evil with no less than the fate of the world at stake. The rise of the antichrist to power can only be stopped by one. A four year old child named  Ryan , the chosen one. Unfortunately the Vatican believes Ryan is in fact the omen. They launch a full scale mission to seek and destroy him.  His family is forced to go on the run.

Initiative #435   (USA)
Shawn Costa
Runtime: 6 mins
A sci-fi action thriller about a detective who hunts down an escaped cyborg and in the process discovers a shocking truth about himself.

Dog It Down   (USA)
Mark Haapala
Runtime: 29 mins
On Dec. 7th 1941, 3 US Navy Sailors became entombed aboard the USS West Virginia during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. 'Dogged Down' inside an airtight storage supply room, the men managed to stay alive for 17 arduous days on the bottom of the ocean floor; living off of canned peaches, before ultimately succumbing due to a lack of fresh air on Christmas Eve.  Based on actual events.


Alex Merkin


Erik Gardner


Mark Haapala


Shawn Costa


Saturday October 13, 2012 1:00pm - 3:00pm PDT
Croatian Cultural Center 510 West 7th Street, San Pedro, CA 90731

5:00pm PDT

Shorts Program 2

El Invento   (COLOMBIA)
Director: Giovanni Granada
Runtime: 20 mins
Danny starts working with his friend Andres in their workshop on a new invention, a big challenge for 12 year old boys; to solve the magic of photography and the mysteries of women.  On a golden afternoon in 1976 they discover the power of friendship and love.  It all starts with a magnifying glass, a small lantern and a broken heart...

Get A Move On   (CROATIA)
Director: Petar Oreskovic
Runtime: 20 mins
Country of production: Croatia
The film tells the story about futility of life of main character, Miro – yuppie whose life consists of repeating everyday routine. His sense tells him he is unhappy so he swamps into imagination and decides to change his life.

A Midsummer Nightmare – The Betrayal   (USA)
 Joshua Siegel
Runtime: 17 mins
England, 1596. The Brotherhood of St. George uses William Shakespeare to trap the Faerie Court within an enchanted book, sparking a secret war with the pagan Feyists. 250 years later the book is opened and the magical beings are freed in a California forest.  Lord Oberon and Queen Titania are not happy after their long imprisonment, unleashing their wrath upon mankind. Three cowboys fight to survive long enough to stop the vengeful faeries and the murderous prankster called Puck.

When Skies are Blue   (USA)
Tony Nawrocki
Runtime: 17 mins
A troubled teen battles his inner demons with rock & roll.

Elegy For a Revolutionary   (USA)
 Paul van Zyl
Runtime: 22 mins
Based on a personal true story.  Encouraged by his friend, a young, idealistic journalist joins the African National Congress (ANC) to protest apartheid. When their acts of sabotage turn to murder, their relationship falls apart. The notoriously brutal police are hot on the trail. When captured, do these two friends turn on each other for survival or remain quiet, facing torture and death?



Joshua Siegel

avatar for Paul van Zyl

Paul van Zyl

I might write a name, describe the color of my eyes, but I am none of these things. I am invisible activities. I am an inexhaustible source of existence. I don't sit on the bench. I'm a true, active, full of action player. I am soul purpose. The shots you don't take you miss 100-percent... Read More →

Tony Nawrocki


Saturday October 13, 2012 5:00pm - 7:00pm PDT
Croatian Cultural Center 510 West 7th Street, San Pedro, CA 90731
Sunday, October 14

12:00pm PDT

Shorts Program 3

Nobody’s Child   (USA)
 Dennis Nollette
Runtime: 24 mins
Annie and Paul have been best friends for years. Annie discovers she may have breast cancer and wants Paul, who is gay, to raise her son if anything happens to her, rather than the boy's father. Paul, young and in love with a fast gay lifestyle, is not so sure that's such a great idea.

Lake Effect   (USA)
 Michael Chadwick
Runtime: 10 mins 
‘Lake Effect’ is a short film exposing the complexity of grief that accompanies tragedy. Written and directed by Michael Chadwick and produced by SHEP Films, it follows a grieving father, Alex, whose daughter has recently drowned, as well as Alex’s girlfriend, Julia, who joins him on the lake for the first time since his daughter’s death. By exploring the inner recesses of the grieving mind and expressing the beautiful, mysterious, and violent associations that come with mourning over a loved one, ‘Lake Effect’ considers what it means to share one’s pain in a relationship.

Forgetting Regret   (USA)
 Chris Kato
Runtime: 29 mins
Conrad is a young man who had it all - a great girlfriend, a supportive family, and a baseball scholarship to Stanford University. His life unraveled when his high school sweetheart, Dana, told him she was pregnant.  Despite being kicked out of his house and having to reject his scholarship, together, he promises, they would get through this. 

RomKom (Croatia)
Zvonimir Rumboldt
Goran Bogdan, Bojan Navojec, Iva Mihalić, Robert Kurbaša, Ana Majhenić
Runtime: 36 mins
How do you remember your lines? Are you really naked when you shoot a love scene? How can you kiss a stranger and pretend to be in love? Every actor has heard these questions at least once...We meet Her and Him, embracing for the cameras on the set of a soap opera. They are the main characters in a hit series, and the antiheroes of their own lives. As make-believe emotion turns to real passion, one of them will mistake it for love; while the other will sacrifice this new romance when a richer and more powerful suitor comes along.

Happy Birthday  (Switzerland) 
 Kathrin Frey
Runtime: 4 mins
A man goes out for a late night stroll. 
He walks down alleys lost in thought, musing about a hopeless love affair. 
On hearing a mysterious sound, 
his lonesome wanderings seem to come to an end...


Sunday October 14, 2012 12:00pm - 2:00am PDT
Croatian Cultural Center 510 West 7th Street, San Pedro, CA 90731

4:00pm PDT

3D Shorts

Cosmic Journey   (USA)
Director: Jonathan Kitzen
Runtime: 20 mins
Journey through the universe among stunning new stereoscopic rendered images from Hubble and Cassini which have been imparted with new found depth and motion. Audiences are immersed in amazing depth of the clouds of Jupiter and Saturn and scores of gaseous nebula. With an engaging sound mix and informational graphics, to help the viewer understand what they are seeing, audiences will get a sense of the scale and natural beauty of space like no film has ever before been able to deliver.

The War of Wars   (USA)
Kalisti Media
Runtime: 20 mins
Using a collection of over 10,000 never-before-seen stereo photos from the battlefield, and the first combat film ever taken, SOMME gives life to the past by using the voices of contemporary combat veterans to share their own stories of battle. The film centers on the Battle of the Somme which was the largest battle in human history claiming six times the casualties of D-Day just in the first opening hours, and where the British lost more men then they did in all of WW2. Somme is a somber reminder of the realities of war not just on the battlefield but within the minds of those who have to experience it first hand. It is both a historical film and a tale of contemporary issues at the same time and puts the viewer in the perspective and mind of combat veterans. Available for special 1 week limited runs for veterans/armistice day 20 min, 40min 2D & 3D 2k, 4k.

Reality Clock   (USA)
Director: Amanda Tasse
Runtime: 8 mins
The Reality Clock is an experimental animated portrait of an elderly watchmaker's struggle to accept the influence of early stage Dementia on his identity and sense of time. The film was shot in full stereoscopic 3D, using stop-motion animation, live-action and time-lapse photography to further immerse the viewer in the internal experience of the character. The Reality Clock poetically references specific tests and dialog drawn from autobiographical works written by individuals with Dementia, while delicately expressing broader themes of loss. Through contemplating who the raw essence of a person is when stripped bare of new memories and rational clarity, The Reality Clock searches for a sense of beauty and peace amidst the confusion

Zombie Chic   (USA)
Director: Todd Cobery    
Runtime: 7 mins 
A stuffy, upscale dinner party is interrupted by the zombie apocalypse in this gory black comedy.

The Choice   (HUNGARY)
Director: Krisztian Koves
Runtime: 11 mins
A woman is faced with making a life or death choice. Which will she choose?

Sunday October 14, 2012 4:00pm - 5:15pm PDT
Terrace 28901 South Western Avenue, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275