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Paul van Zyl

Los Angeles, California
I might write a name, describe the color of my eyes, but I am none of these things. I am invisible activities. I am an inexhaustible source of existence. I don't sit on the bench. I'm a true, active, full of action player. I am soul purpose. The shots you don't take you miss 100-percent. I risk, I explore, I create. I never play dead on the battlefield. And I have the gift of the gab. I'm a chattabox. Ear basher. Gabster. Flapper. Wordmill. Blabbermouth. I'm long winded. Mouthy. I can chew the fat. Talk the hind leg off a mule. Bump gums. Shoot the bull. I'm into chinfests, hearts to hearts. I grew up in South Africa. I detested apartheid but loved my country. In 1991, the “great plan” of apartheid fell to pieces. I set upon stories that exposed social injustice, expressed the inhumanity of authoritarian regimes, and demonstrated human resilience against adversity.

ELEGY FOR A REVOLUTIONARY uses the experience of underground political action in South Africa during the early 1980s. It examines the motives of a group of young white “liberals” who turn to violence to oppose the repressive Nationalist Government. At the core of this account is one question: “Can violence be justified as a way of opposing tyranny?” I hope to educate and entertain the audience with questions like these, and explore the divide between left and right, black and white, loyalty and treachery.

My Artists Sessions

Saturday, October 13

5:00pm PDT